SaleHoo Review: Read Before You Buy!

What is SaleHoo – or what is SaleHoo all about?

Salehoo is a wholesale directory that connects product seller like you to potential suppliers. They simply provides you with access to over 8,000 verified suppliers (both wholesalers and dropshipping companies).

Salehoo has a unique business model that involves a mandatory verification of all suppliers before been added to their wholesale directory.

Advantages of SaleHoo – The Pros

Salehoo does have countless of advantages, and with this Salehoo review; I’ll be discussing the advantages that are mostly relevant and helpful to you.

  • Huge directory of suppliers, which give you the opportunity to access varieties of products
  • Lots of useful tools and educational resources that will help you grow your online business fast – tools such as Market Research Lab (a product research tool that will simplify your efforts).
  • Over 8,000 verified suppliers
  • A user-friendly directory system
  • Access to top-brand names, such as HP, Samsung Canon and many more
  • You get access to suppliers, drop-shippers and manufacturers
  • All suppliers are subject to screening and verification
  • Their customer support system is one of the best in the industry
  • Lots of free Training program for Sellers (through their STC- Seller Training Centre)!

In addition to their training program; it includes all you need to know in achieving success selling on eBay or Amazon; “Beginner and advanced training on how to get started and boost your sales on eBay”. Including; Product Sourcing, Business Setup, importing – shipping and many more.

Disadvantages of SaleHoo – the Cons

  • The information provided can be overwhelming sometimes
  • The website and some of their resources is not fully self explanatory; although their dedicated customer support team and their forum can be helpful in this area.
  • Their eCommerce store is not included in the $67 package.

Salehoo Review – Who is SaleHoo for?

  • For anyone that needs detailed niche specific products.
  • For newbie’s that is new to product sourcing strategies.
  • For any newbie’s, intermediate and advanced online sellers who are struggling to source profitable products or suppliers online!

Can you make money with Salehoo?

My honest answer here is YES and NO! Basically; it all depends on the level of commitments and work you put into the ecommerce business you’re using Salehoo to source products for.

The simple truth is this; Salehoo does work and it’s great for product sourcing, but it’s not going to magically put money into your pocket if you don’t put in the necessary work required to help your business.

Some of the common questions I often get asked these days are: Is Salehoo worth it or Is Salehoo worth joining? Well; making reference to them, “over 137,000 customers can’t be wrong”.

What can you benefit from using Salehoo?

SaleHoo is beyond the basics of only wholesale directories; they offer the following services:

Market Research Lab
SaleHoo Market Research Lab is a product research tool; it allows you to discover profitable niches and products that are in high demand. Apart from the product sourcing side; the tool also has the capacity to analyse your potential profits and the product competition level.

Seller’s Training (Online Selling Tactics)

SaleHoo’s Seller Training program, also referred to as Online Selling Tactics (OST), is a set of well-defined lessons that can give you a better hedge as a seller in any online marketplaces.

The tool is designed to help you build a profitable online business and put you in a better position well-ahead of your competitors.

The Online Selling Tactics program has seven core lessons and related bonus lessons!

SaleHoo Store

SaleHoo Store is an ecommerce tool that allows you to create your own online-store effortlessly – you don’t need any technical skills to use it. This can be a big plus to you if you’re trying to avoid the excessive charges been charged by most marketplace.

Wholesale Directory

SaleHoo Wholesale Directory is simply what it says – wholesale directory with list of over 8,000 verified suppliers.

SaleHoo’s wholesale directory gives you the option to buy products for wholesale purposes or to fulfill your orders through drop-shipping process.

Wait! Possibly you might know this; and if not; well I’ll give you the top secret of all successful eCommerce business owners, and that is DROP-SHIPPING! With this you get rights to sell thousands of products without owning any!

Read this for further reading about Drop-Shipping:

Sorry; got carried away. Let’s get back to our main point of discussion – SaleHoo!

In all fairness; SaleHoo’s wholesale directory is actually one of the cheapest in the market despite its reliability and standards!

Salehoo Review: What Tools does SaleHoo provide?

SaleHoo provides the following:

  • Wholesale Directory
  • Market Research Tools
  • Ecommerce Stores

What Training program does SaleHoo provide?

They provide Free Seller Training (known as their Seller Training Centre) and also a more advance Seller Training program for their Premium members.

The Seller Training Centre lessons include:

  • Amazon Selling,
  • Business Setup,
  • eBay Selling,
  • Drop shipping,
  • Importing and Shipping,
  • Scam Prevention,
  • Online Selling Tactics,
  • Product Sourcing,
  • Selling on Your Website.

A point to NOTE; if you really want to learn all the A to Z of selling online! Then I’ll recommend you take their Online Selling Tactics course. It will really give you a full insight on how to make money online selling products.

How reliable is SaleHoo Customer Support?

They have a dedicated customer support team, and also an active forum to back it up.

In my experience using their services (with both their dedicated support and the forum side); they truly have an undeniable reliable customer support system.

SaleHoo’s community forum is one of the biggest forums in the wholesale directory industry; their members are quite very active and helpful in response to your question.

I forgot to mention this point; their dedicated customer support team are quite good with prompt response to your emails.

Although, every companies has there downside, but I cannot really fault them in the area of support because they seems to be on top of their game.

Their support staffs actually relates with you in a very friendly manner!

Tips; their support staffs are willing to point you in the right direction by advising you on the best-selling products in any niche and otherwise! Just imagine that? They are actually saving you money and time – all you need to do is just ask!