Rich Dad Summit – Review on a New No-Brainer Opportunity!

What is Rich Dad Summit about?

The Rich Dad Summit is going to be a 2-day LIVE online event. Here you (if you attend) will learn the secrets on how exactly to build a long-term success through entrepreneurship, investing and how to come become financially intelligent overall.

The guys who will teach you all this are heavy well-know players in the game, below I have listed 4 that you might already know about:

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki
  • Lurns CEO & Founder Anik Singal
  • SEO & Marketing Guru Kotton Grammer
  • eCommerce Millionaire Fred Lam

But there will also be a lot more!

Each one of the presenters you will learn from is (ALL OF THEM) 7-figure + earners who started from scratch (nothing) and went on to build empires, both online and offline.

It will be perfect for beginners who need a place to start or business novices looking for ways to grow and scale.


Who Is The Rich Dad Summit/Insider Made For?

The Rich Dad Virtual Live Summit is perfect for beginners who need a place to start or business novices looking for ways to grow and scale. There is a bump offer i.e. Rich Dad Insider which cost you $67 p.m. and here you have 14 days trial to taste the water.

The attendance dates of Rich Dad Virtual Live Summit are on the December 9th, 2017 and December 10th, 2017. The date to register for the Rich Dad Virtual Live Summit is 29th November, 2017.

Is the dream worthy of you? The 4th week will focus on the uncomfortable nature of the comfort zone and how you can get out of it. Additionally, you will discover the immense power within you and how you limit it with your own thinking. Does your self-image affect your success? After identifying yourself as the architect of your own life and not the victim of circumstances, week 5 helps you learn how to build your dream using passion, persistence and self-belief.

Week 6 focuses on how to handle fear considering the fact that fear can choke your dream.

For us, whenever we go to any seminar or event or any webinar, we always first look for whom we are going to listen to. Asking yourself who is the main speaker of seminar, event or webinar is important before going there, otherwise you might completely waste your time. For the event of The Rich Dad Virtual Live Summit, there will be renowned speakers like Robert Kiyosaki, Anik Singal, SEO & Marketing Guru Kotton Grammer and eCommerce Millionaire Fred Lam, all of whom are established and reputable experts in their field. For $1 what else can you get?

As you know people pay thousands to attend the event of Speakers like Robert Kiyosaki. But here you are getting the opportunity to watch Rich Dad online event for a $1 which I don’t think is a huge amount to get the education about online business. We would say that this is the best opportunity ever to attend The Rich Dad Virtual Summit 2017 for only $1 to get the online education about how to step into entrepreneurship, how to invest in real estate and financing etc.